Our Model:


Mentored and coached by their teachers, students in Big Picture schools create projects, internships, and training programs based on:

1) their interests and passions

2) community-specific partnerships

3) hands-on skills, and 

4) deep inquiry. 

In our experience, the competencies students develop in projects and “actual (outside the classroom) work” prepare them for success in competency-based models of education as well as the modern jobsite.

Two Pathways for Our Work

In order to best utilize resources and meet the needs of more learners, we will work in two ways.

Partner with Existing Schools 

We want our technology and science labs to have maximum impact by making them available for use more often, and by more students. Therefore, we will partner with existing schools -- training school leaders to incorporate projects into their more traditional form of instruction, while also providing the human and technological resources to create engaging learning a reality for more students.  The passion projects that are the core of Big Picture schools should reach into all our Partner schools.


Empower an educator; support a student.


Entrepreneurship Academy

Because half of Kenya’s children leave school after 8th  grade due to lack of funds, we will provide services for children who leave school at this early age. KBPL plans to open an entrepreneurship academy in conjunction with local industry and businesses focusing on job skill development, it is our goal to help young people get solid employments and build a future. 

We will be enrolling out-of-school youths from the communities we serve as well as from the pool of students who meet at-risk criteria, including but not limited to those who are:

• not in the mainstream schools, or 

• those leaving school without the requisite qualifications and  skills to be successful in adult life.



Support a student; change a life.

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Entrepreneurship Academy


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